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Privacy and data management policies operates the Site, through which Customers may purchase products, including but not limited to products such as accessories, footwear and clothing. The Customer’s registration on this Site constitutes an essential condition to purchase products through it. To do this, the Client must register on the registration page (or through his Facebook social network account) his basic data including personal information such as citizenship card number, address and telephone numbers. When entering their data, the Client declares under oath that they correspond to true and current information. Registration and purchases by Customers on the Site must be made by adults exclusively. The registration information of the Clients will be collected, stored and used by Ropa Hermosa Mujer, maintaining sufficient security standards to prevent any adulteration, loss, consultation, use or unauthorized or fraudulent access, and guaranteeing the rights of the owners of the data. The information requested in the registration is for the purpose of registering the Customer to access the Site and eventually purchase the items mentioned on the Site. The information will be used for statistical and promotional purposes. Once registered, if the Client decides to buy any of the products mentioned on the Site, according to the selected payment method, it will be necessary for them to provide their financial information, including specific information on their credit card, address where they receive the invoices, telephone number and address to which you want Hermosa Mujer Fashion ( to send the purchased products.

Clients expressly authorize to send promotions to the email address registered on the Site according to the characteristics of each Client according to the purchases and links visited, likewise through existing digital media and social networks. The Client may request the suspension of all promotional or advertising communication sent to his email by sending an email in this regard to [email protected].

Once registered, the Client must enter his secret password that has been assigned to him at the time of registration, to make each purchase, which will allow personalized, confidential and secure access to the Site. The administration of this secret key is the sole responsibility of the client. Its delivery to third parties or its use by said third parties will not imply any responsibility for Ropa Hermosa Mujer. The Client will have the possibility of changing the access code, for which he must abide by the procedure established on the Site.

Through this Site, the Customer is informed in an unequivocal and easily accessible manner, of the steps that must be followed to purchase products through the Site. The Site indicates the postal or email address of Ropa Hermosa Mujer and the technical means available to the Client to identify, update and correct errors in the shipment or in their data. The means of payment reported on the Site may be used. If the bank cards accepted on this Site are used, they are subject to the existing contract between the client and the issuing bank, without Ropa Hermosa Mujer having any responsibility in relation to the aspects indicated in said contracts.

Consent on the part of the consumer is manifested in the purchase steps of the Site by accepting each one of them and is perfected with the final manifestation of purchase after having reviewed the summary of the order. Before the final confirmation of purchase, the Customer may cancel the purchase at any time. Ropa Hermosa Mujer will issue an acknowledgment of receipt of the same to the email registered by the Client when registering, with information on the delivery time, exact price, including additional costs, shipping costs and the way in which the payment was made. CROSSED-OUT PRICES When a crossed-out price is shown on the Site and the sale price is indicated in its place, said crossed-out price corresponds to a decrease in the initial sale price of the products due to the mere liberality of the company, this price will always be lower than the initially offered by Ropa Hermosa Mujer.

Ropa Hermosa Mujer markets goods for personal use and therefore, in accordance with current regulations, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised under any circumstances. Thus declares to know and accept the Client accepts these terms and conditions. The foregoing, without prejudice to the possibility of changes that Ropa Hermosa Mujer voluntarily grants to its Clients.

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