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Colombian fashion in the United States and its boom

Colombian fashion in the United States and more.
Colombia is highly known worldwide, it has become famous for its great tourist sites, great gastronomy, the joy of its people and its variety of cultures and it is for this last reason that it is top abroad because it highlights the most beautiful of the country with textile mixtures. high quality variety of colors unique cuts and styles.

According to figures collected by ProColombia, the regions that exported the most to the United States were Antioquia, Bogotá, Valle del Cauca and Atlántico. Clothing, for example, generated income of 98.9 million dollars, while leather manufactures had profits of 12.2 million dollars, textiles of 5.6 million dollars and footwear of 2.4 million dollars. Dollars. “Colombia is one of the countries that has achieved a great position in the United States as a supplier of reliable, quality fashion, with good designs, sustainability and flexibility in production volumes”

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